#99 Which of the following is NOT a benefit of attending a two-year junior or community college?

I can save money.
It's easier to get in.
I can figure out what I like and then transfer to another school.
Four-year degrees are a waste of time.
College Readiness

Are you thinking about going to college?
Whether the decision has already been made or is still years away, there are actions you can take ... from 8th grade through 12th grade.

Countdown to college
A year-by-year outline to make sure you'll be ready:
  • 8th grade, keep your options open by taking the right courses ... (details)
  • 9th grade, here is your chance to put your plans into action ... (details)
  • 10th grade, keep up your schoolwork and consider your options ... (details)
  • 11th grade, an important year for grades and future plans ... (details)
  • 12th grade, make this year count and know application deadlines ... (details)
In-depth timelines, student planners and financial-aid information are available from the U.S. Department of Education at studentaid.ed.gov or from MarylandMentor at www.marylandmentor.org/Planning/Timeline

#121 What is the largest degree program in the University System of Maryland?

Computer Science
Romance Languages