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What Do I Want To Be?

teensSo you're interested in exploring possible careers? 

It’s never too early to start figuring out what you would like to do when you eventually get out of school and get your first job. Some people have a really good idea of what they want to do while others are still exploring the many possibilities. Whatever careers might interest us, you can bet that there will be some considerations as well as preparation during and after high school; in many cases, college.

Do you know where you are headed? 

"I know where I'm headed ..."

"I'm still thinking about it ..."

If you already know what you want to be, start exploring these industries and careers.

We've interviewed dozens of people in different careers and industries to find out what they do and how they got there. Check out the links below to see what the experts have to say about their jobs.
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So, you are NOT exactly sure
where you're headed?


Stevenson University has helped show us where to begin!

sufirst step in exploring any career path is to get a good idea of who you are.
  • What are your interests?
  • What do you like or dislike?
  • How are you different from others?
  • What is important to you?
Knowing who YOU are is a great place to start.

What skills will you need?
You will need to develop skills that will help your success in school, at work and later in your life. How can you obtain these skills?

How do you find opportunities to prepare you for your first job? How do you know what work places are best for you?

How do I prepare for my first job?

These are important questions. You can get some immediate answer by simply taking this quick and easy survey.

Take a series of exercises that will help you explore your personality, your interests, your skills and your values.  Doing this can help you pick out careers that might be right for YOU!

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and start exploring!

At Ste
suvenson University, this process of figuring out the right career for you is called "Career Architecture" where students begin to recognize their interests and uniqueness with possible careers. Students will understand who they are, develop a foundation of skills, explore possibilities, and prepare themselves for their careers ahead.

With its Learning Beyond approach, Stevenson University helps its students to learn within and beyond the classroom in a career-focused environment that supports their personalized career path.

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