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#9  In a lifetime, approximately how much more will a college graduate make than a high school graduate?

$1 million
$2 million

Want help studying for the HSA? has test information AND practice tests that will help you prepare.

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How Can I Prepare ?
Know what you need to be doing now in school!

Right now is your best chance to prepare for the career you want.  Don't wait!
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* To have a strong high school transcript.
* To get into college.
* To get the job you want after high school.

What should YOU know about the High School Assessments? 

scholars payThe Maryland High School Assessments are tests in English, algebra, biology and government.

Beginning with the graduating class of 2009, Maryland students must pass the High School Assessments (HSAs) in order to graduate.

* IF YOU GRADUATE BEFORE 2009 ... you must take the HSAs, and your scores will be reported on your high school transcript.

* Employers and colleges review transcripts BEFORE they will offer you a job or admit you to their school -- so you'll want them to see scores that reflect your best effort on the tests.

* The best way to prepare for the HSAs is to keep on top of your school work... 

   Complete your classwork and homework assignments 
   Pay attention and ask questions during class, and 
   Study for tests and quizzes!

Check out sample HSA tests online (try them out).  Sample questions also appear throughout this website. 

Get more information on high school graduation requirements on the MSDE website.

#26  What is the #1 reason high school juniors and seniors give to explain their choice of a career?

Good money
Something I like
Want to help people
Picked it out of a hat

#39 Which of the following types of schools do you want to attend after high school?

career school
community or junior college
small liberal arts college
large university

#24  Why are math and science important for your future?

To master technology.
To use in every day life.
To improve your problem solving skills.
All of the above.